journal of clinical dentistry

Advances of Dentistry

There are a number of advances in dental care these days. For example, dental implants are now coming along quite well to replace dentures. Other procedures are available for gum disease treatments and there are new ways to prevent and treat cavities.

How would you know any of this? Maybe it is hard to understand but you can bet your dentist reads the journal of clinical dentistry and knows the latest advances. You get to know about them by actually going to the dentist for care, which is very important.

Nobody likes to lose teeth but it can be a part of life and also happens for a variety of reasons. Sometimes people don’t take care of their teeth until it is too late and for others there are health conditions and genetic factors involved.

When teeth need to be removed, the solution used to be dentures, for example. Now the advance of dental implants is changing this so you can have permanent teeth again even though they are false teeth. The implants stay in and you care for them the same way you would real teeth.

Implants are a great idea and they work very well for almost everyone. In rare cases, people cannot handle the implants and then they will need to have dentures but the technology of dentures is also changing to allow for better fitting and even permanent fixture using methods like the implants.

On the latest horizon is something amazing. Teeth have actually been regrown in lab rats using stem cells. Now, this is not yet something available to the general public but it should be soon and then there won’t even be a need for implants because you can grow natural teeth back.

journal of clinical dentistry

Regardless of advances, take good care of your teeth and have regular cleanings and checkups.